Surviving a Home Remodel

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Erin Carlyle of Houzz inspires us with different stories of how people survived remodels.

When you renovate your home, one of the big decisions you’ll face is whether to move out or stay while work is underway. Most homeowners and pros would agree that moving out best preserves your peace of mind, but sometimes this option just isn’t feasible. 

Recently we asked Houzz readers to share their tips and war stories about living through a remodel — whether in their home or away from it. Perhaps their stories will help you decide what choice to make for your own remodel.

The Upside of Staying in Temporary Housing 

While a rented home or apartment may be the first option you consider, many Houzz readers found that other alternatives were better for their situations. Houzz reader ctabony commented that renting an apartment, house or Airbnb for six to eight weeks would have been costlier than paying for an extended-stay hotel. “We are paying $60/night. The room isn’t fancy, but it has a kitchen and allows pets,” ctabony commented.

Houzz reader Frances Fujii also considered an Airbnb, renting an apartment or house, and staying with family during her 10-month-long remodel. “We ultimately decided to buy a little trailer and went south for the winter, returning in the spring,” Fujii commented. “We had a grand RV adventure and felt it was the best decision we could have made.”

Houzz reader Marla Robinson actually bought the house across the street. “With multiple dogs and the high cost of renting, we decided to use about half of the savings we’d set aside for our renovation and put it toward purchasing a temporary house,” Robinson commented. (Before following her example, you’d want to weigh the transaction costs involved in buying and selling in a short period as well as how confident you are that the local real estate market will go up.)

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