The Risks of Smart Security Devices

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Realty Times gives us an update the on the benefits and the risks of using smart security devices.

If you’re a current or prospective smart-home owner, then you know that there are potential threats associated with your automated home. There are tons of different smart security technologies for your home, such as security cameras or smartphone integrated appliances, each which has its own set of risks.

Due to their advanced technological features and data capabilities, smart homes are vulnerable to hackers and other forms of theft. Here are some of the different risks these smart security devices pose and what you can do to protect yourself and your home.

Security Cameras

Installing security cameras in and around your home is a great way to keep an eye out when you’re away and to help discourage any potential trespassers. However, older models and less technologically advanced security camera systems can pose a major risk to homeowners. This is due to the fact that outdated camera systems can easily be hacked due to lack of authentication or encryption, which means your security camera and footage can be intercepted by hackers. Once infiltrated into your security system, hackers can steal your information, trigger false alarms or disarm your system completely.

For your protection, it's best to stay up-to-date with the newer smart security cameras, that are not as easy to compromise. For example, many of the more advanced security cameras on the market use fingerprint recognition and facial recognition in order to access the security camera. Newer security cameras feature 24/7 live remote streaming, motion detection and alerts, night vision, zoom, and more. This means that you’re able to see what’s going on when you’re away from home and receive alerts if the cameras catch any suspicious activity. In addition, many security camera systems now have two-way audio so that you can send a verbal message to your intruders in real time and immediately notify the authorities if they’re not deterred.

Door Locks and Doorbells

Smart door locks and video doorbells have become increasingly popular since they also double as security cameras and intercoms. With smart door systems, homeowners can both see and speak to their guests - or intruders - before unlocking their front door. In conjunction with a security system, smart doorbells and locks are an added layer of security for monitoring activity outside of your home. However, most people think that because they have multiple smart security devices, their home and data are impenetrable. But hackers can still breach your system (i.e. using a malware app) and get access to your PIN code to your front door. It’s important to always keep your systems updated with the newest software versions and change your passcode every so often.

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